Brain Friendly Communication


Get into the minds of your customers, management & staff

Most of the people we come in contact with have brains.  It is how they use them that seems to baffle us causing us endless hours of aggravation.  But if we want to influence them, it is our responsibility to adapt to the ways their minds work.  Advancements in the field of neuroscience have yielded some startling discoveries about how our brains operate. This workshop will show you how to leverage some of these discoveries and tailor your communication to work in harmony with the way the brain listens, learns, and decides.

Content in this workshop has been approved for continuing education credits by:

  • State Bar of N.C.
  • N.C. Project Management Institute
  • N.C. Society of Human Resource Mgmt

And presented to the:
U.S. Joint Special Operations Command.

Society of HR Management
State Bar of North Carolina
US Joint Special Operations Command

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I wish I had this (program) just after law school. It would have saved me 10 years of emotional grief!”

Campbell Law School

“Our goal was to equip each employee with tools for more effective communication at work and at home. When we surveyed employees post-workshop, we found that they were able to define communication weaknesses and establish new ways to strengthen those areas, and they were going about it with a more positive perspective and focus.”


President/CEO, PlasticsOne

“Exactly what I need to become better prepared to present my company to potential investors. I’m confident that your methodology will take my presentation skills to the next level.”


President/CEO, Q-Case, Inc.


This workshop will help you:
• Present ideas more effectively.
• Engage people.
• Improve cognition and retention of presentations and training.
• Negotiate more effectively.
• Improve relationships with customers, staff, and the public.
• Reduce chances for misunderstandings.
Typical audiences include executives, sales people, managers, project managers, attorneys, trainers, and public speakers.


Workshop options:
1 HOUR – methodology, demonstration.
2 HOURS – methodology , demonstration and exercises.
3–4 HOURS – methodology, demonstration, techniques, and application exercises.

Improving retention options:
One sheet Memory MapBFCappliedforHRthumb
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