How to Sell an Idea


The Value of an Idea is Zero, If It Can't Be Communicated

How much are your ideas worth? What are they worth if you can’t communicate them? Too many creative ideas are lost, careers stalled, and opportunities missed because those with the ideas don’t know how to communicate them clearly to the decision-makers, the organizations, or the customers.

This workshop explores ways to articulate ideas and visions so you can connect with key people who can help get your idea off the ground.

Working with Apple Co-founder & Inventor of the PC, Steve Wozniak

Consulting with International President, Dr. Dilip Abayasekara

Coaching winners of the TiE Young Entrepreneur's Global Business Plan Competition

14th Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, 4 Star General Hugh Shelton's Leadership Center

Pitching programs for the Gen. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center

14th Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, 4 Star General Hugh Shelton’s Leadership Center
I worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, led one of the first entrepreneurship focused Toastmasters club in the world for the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, coached high school students to successfully pitch to a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and prepared pitches to billionaires and to the most elite fighting force in the world. I’ve researched high stakes presentations with scores of trial attorneys, judges, justices, venture capitalists, government and military officials, world class inventors and some of the best professional speakers in the world.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I am amazed by his level of commitment and competence in coming up with great events, theme based programming with a focus on effective communications techniques.”

CEO, TiE Global, Former CTO of State of California

“Exactly what I need to become better prepared to present my company to potential investors. I’m confident that your methodology will take my presentation skills to the next level.”

Professor of Biomedical Engineering Department, Duke University

“All the tools needed to present in front of an investor panel. His techniques had a powerful impact on the students, which is why he is invited back each year.”

CTO, Patagonia Health

“Next time your are preparing for a speaking event, be sure to apply what I call the ‘Sidd Filter’. I have witnessed it transform many speeches from being OK to being intense, persuasive and influential. What I also find interesting about Sidd’s work is that he approaches the problem from the point of view of Neuroscience and its expression in human speech.”
Bithika Khargharia, PhD

Principal Architect at Extreme Networks, Director of Product and Community Management, Open Networking Foundation

“Sidd was extremely helpful and available to help the various teams presenting at Triangle Startup Weekend. With very little notice, Sidd jumped in and helped teams refine their presentations to a judge panel of investors and successful entrepreneurs.
In the short amount of time teams worked with Sidd, I saw their presentations make a 180 degree turn for the better: memorable, concise, and effective.”
Mital Patel, JD

Co-founder at Triangle Innovation Project , Board of Director / Member at Triangle Interactive Marketing Association Organizer at Startup Weekend


This workshop will help you:
• Present thoughts and ideas more effectively.
• Impress management.
• Create a lasting impression.
• Motivate people to act.
• Reduce risks.
• Avoid misunderstandings.
• Remove barriers to communication.

Typical audiences include:
sales people, managers, project managers, engineers, programmers, scientists, trainers, and consultants.

Workshop options:
1 HOUR – methodology, demonstration.
2 HOURS – methodology , demonstration and exercises.
3–4 HOURS – methodology, demonstration, techniques, and application exercises.

Improving retention options:
One sheet Memory MapBFCappliedforHRthumb
Social Media Forum
Video recording of audience presentations

Coaching for teams and individuals:
In a fraction of the time it takes most professionals to prepare a talk that will be forgotten, I can help you create a presentation you’ll love to give and your audience will love to hear.
We will work on your skills using your content, your style, your goals, to the level you want, by the hour. In 20 minutes, you’ll see a difference and when we are finished, you’ll have the skills you need and a presentation you can give the very next day.


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