LookWiser Cueing System


“Amazing!  I thought you had memorized & timed your speech down to the second!”

The lecture is dead!

Today’s audiences demand dynamic, interactive & visual presentations, not a lecturer standing behind a lectern reading from notes.

Give them what they want without giving up your safety net!

Save time
No need to memorize your speech – It can pay for itself the first time you use it!

Save money
No need to transport or rent super large monitors as confidence monitors.

Look smart
Look more dynamic, more engaging.
No need to be shackled to a lectern to see your notes.

Be confident
Don’t worry about forgetting what to say, where you are or what to say next.  Go head and walk into the audience, answer their questions, feel free to go on a tangent. We’ve got you covered.
Should your main presentation computer fail, your prompter can be hotswapped in seconds!

Be effective
No more death-by-PowerPoint – No need to combine your reminders with the audiences visual aids.

If the stakes are high
If your presentations matter
If your time and money is precious
If your reputation is important to you

Our cueing system will help you LookWiser.

LookWiser's Cueing system allows you to fully engage your audience, use the entire stage and maintain eye contact without giving up your safety net.

MultiPrompt in action
  • One computer displays to the projector.
  • One computer shows you what the audience sees without looking behind you all the time.
  • One computer shows you what is coming up next.
  • One computer shows you what needs to be said.
  • Or any other combination, you can even control 2 projectors.

And your favorite presentation mouse controls them all!


The LookWiser Cueing system allows you to put your slides, notes or transition reminders on the stage or in the audience, using your own equipment.  Press one button on your favorite presentation controller and they all advance to the next slide or visual.

LW Prompter Setup

Control multiple computers or tablets with one presentation controller:

LW Prompter Setup

  • No need to be shackled to the lectern. You can use the entire stage.
  • Invisible to the audience.
  • Hot swap in seconds if presentation computer crashes.
  • No learning curve. It is your presentation running on equipment you already know (Mac or PC).
  • Can make day-of changes unlike most teleprompter services.
  • No need to write out speech.
  • You control so you're not dependent on someone else keeping the prompter in sync.

No need to hire anyone to manage or operate the system while you speak.

TELE-PROMPTER SYSTEMS COST $2,000 - $10,000+ require staff, training and heavy equipment

Relax, you are in command!

With a touch of a button up control your slide presentation, reminders and notes on up to 3 computers, laptops or tablets.

Should your main computer encounter problems?  No sweat!

Your prompter can be swapped for the main computer and you can be up and running in seconds.
So what?  Would you wait 10 minutes for a speaker to boot up another computer, log on, download your presentation, start the presentation, and find the right slide?
Probably not.

The audience can’t see your safety net!

The system is discrete.  Every time you look at your notes, the audience thinks you are looking at them!
You’ll know what to say & what is coming up next without appearing to break eye contact with the audience.

  • Don’t have time to memorize a presentation?
  • Don’t want to spend $thousands on a teleprompter system?
  • Don’t want to be shackled to a lectern?
  • Don’t want to lug a huge confidence monitor everywhere you speak?

Our discrete LookWiser Cueing system can help.

By allowing you to use your own laptops or tablets as prompters, placed in the front row of your audience, you will always know where you are, what to say and what is coming up next.