What makes a speaker great?

It is easy to say why you don’t like a speaker but its usually a lot harder to pinpoint why you like a speaker.

One reason is that much of what makes a speaker great happens off the stage.

The Top 12 things that makes speakers great.
Great speakers:
1. Come prepared
2. Know the material very very well
3. Make the easy for the audience to understand the importance of the topic
4. Observe the audience and adapt to their needs
5. Get the audience involved
6. Handle bad situations with poise
7. Surprise them
8. Make it easy to remember key points
9. Talk to the audience instead of lecturing
10. Under promise and over deliver
11. Stay on time
12. Follow up after the presentation

Next time you sit in a presentation,
Note down what did they do well?

And why did it make a difference to you.

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